You are in the biggest adventure of your life. Together with your husband/partner who love each other, you have created this little life that is growing inside you right now, after all. And don’t yet understand what this means to you for your future until you will hold that little life in your arms for the very first time. During labor, your husband will be there to support you. Maybe even your mom and your family are there to support you. All their attention will be focused on you and the baby. And they just can’t focus on anything else as they love you so much. Everything else will be forgotten during the delivery of that new life into the world.

To keep these memories and love awake for years for you and your family, you are maybe thinking of asking your husband or family-member to take some pictures. But these moments when you hold your baby for the first time, discover all the tiny little things and look into your baby’s eyes, your husband or your family is owerwhelmed and loaded with lots of emotions. Do you really want to give them the camera to capture these special moments that they are part of? Or do you want them to be part of your story and be in these pictures? Do you trust them to be able to create your art pieces? You want to see later how your husband looked lovely during your labor and all the other emotions. It is important to have someone who is able to create your very own personnel birth-story. I want you to be able to experience your journey to parenthood and concentrate on your labor and birthing your baby. Let me help to create your special memories, keepsakes that will last forever.


My birth photography starts at $500. I require a $100 nonrefundable deposit to ‘hold’ your due date. The remaining payment is due 2 weeks before your due date. If I should miss your birth, or you need to get a c-section, this deposit will go towards another session (first 48 hours, newborn, or family portraits).

Read about all my important information in birth photography!

Please contact me to set up an appointment where we can chat over a coffee! I will answer all your open questions!

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