A Boudoir-Session at White Sands National Monument - Outdoor-Photography in Alamogordo, NM

We have chosen White Sands National Monument for this photo-session and it turned out very special. Mary did a great job posing. Together, she and me, we have created beautiful memories for her. 

I met Mary about a year ago when I photographed her Wedding. Mary is just wonderful to work with. We had an amazing time together. We also were very lucky with the weather, beautiful ripples in the sand and a nice sunset. 

Together, we have chosen several outfits before the session that we wanted to use. 

I always start to take pictures in a wardrobe that the person feels comfortable in. Once we got used to the situation we tried all the different wardrobes and less ;-). The contrast between the white sand and her hair color was wonderful. She fit perfectly into the environment. 

I love photographing women and create their memories, especially give them the confidence to believe in themselves! 

Outdoor-photographs are a great possibility to show a beautiful woman in a beautiful environment that you cannot create in a studio.

I offer these beauty-sessions the whole year around outdoors and in the studio. Every woman should consider this kind of photography for herself to become self-confident, to give these images as a gift to your partner, or just to create the memories you will never forget again. Every age is different and a woman's body is beautiful in all ages. 

If you are interested in seeing more details of my boudoir work, please let me know and I will give you the password to my boudoir-galleries!

I want to thank my good photographer friend from DreamSpirit Portraits who is very experienced in this kind of sessions for his great help and good advises, as well his support for the wardrobe ... THANK YOU, ALAN!

Believe in yourself!!! 

  • DreamSpirit Portraits

    on November 1, 2015

    Very lovely photos, and thank you for the comments!
    DreamSpirit Portraits

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