Beauty-Photography at White Sands by Karina Schuh

This photo-session with Nicole was just amazing. Nicole's plan was to get pretty boudoir images taken by Karina Schuh Photography. She was thinking of studio-photography with a black backdrop and low key lighting set-up. Together, we talked about what she likes and does not like. She wanted to have photographs just for herself. After a while, I thought that Nicole is open for new ideas. And we have talked about my idea of shooting this kind of images at a special location. White Sands National Monument seemed to work perfectly for Nicole. She is a pretty lady and I thought she would look amazing with wind in her hair at White Sands. I did not have to talk a lot about my idea. The moment she saw a few examples of what I was talking about, she was already convinced. 

During the following weeks before the photo-session, we collected ideas and put the wardrobe together that we wanted to use, of course, we had way too much. She took an appointment for the day of the photo-shooting with the amazing hairstylist, Melanie Bushlow here in town. 

I picked her up from home and together we drove to White Sands National Monument. The weather was quite hot for the beginning of October, the wind was blowing what was perfect for our idea. We found our spot in the dunes and I set up my equipment, lighting (off camera flash) and my camera. In the meantime, Nicole checked the wardrobe I brought and selected the pieces she liked the most. During the shooting we enjoyed the quietness and the perfect weather conditions and Nicole just danced in front of my camera.

We had an amazing time, although up and down the dunes was quite hard. I created beautiful memories for her and we both love all the images! I only show a selection of four images as I don't want to publish any photographs that she wants to keep private! Every woman should consider this kind of photography to stay self-conscious and also for your own ego, and sometimes you want to impress your husband or partner. 

Please contact me and we are creating those stunning images of YOU and/or your partner! 

  • DreamSpirit Portraits

    on October 8, 2015

    Superb work. Delicate and gentle and lovely, in harsh land. You captured the beauty of the lady and the sand. Congratulations!

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