A Boudoir-Session with an amazing young woman - Alamogordo Boudoir-Photography

Christin is a very good friend of mine. After starting to loose weight in spring, she already told me that she would love to take pictures of herself one day but she needs to feel comfortable in her own skin. She worked out very hard and changed her food consumption behavior radically. She is very strickt with herself. 

After now ten months, she already feels so good and she can be so proud of herself. She has lost 53 lbs. in this short time. Good Job, Christin. 

She looks beautiful, her skin and her body just look amazing. 

We have met to discuss the photo-session before. As we are living near the most beautiful place on earth, there was no question that we take her boudoir-pictures at White Sands National Monument. We organized that her hair and make-up will be done before the shooting, and we organized wardrobe for her as she has not yet stocked up her closet with smaller size wardrobe. Again, I want to thank my good friend, Alan from DreamSpirit Portraits, who helped out with wardrobe and ideas! 

I always start my boudoir-sessions in a wardrobe that my customer likes but that not show too much of their skin. After getting used to the camera, we switch to less and less clothes. Christin was very nervous at the beginning of her shooting. After a while she got used to my camera and together we put in our ideas and created beautiful memories for her and her husband. She will always think of this shooting as everything was just perfect around her. She was comfortable and relaxed, and she was in a beautiful environment. Those memories will last forever. 

Thank you my friend! You did an amazing job!

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