Calendar 2016 of Alamogordo, NM - Landscape-Photography by Karina Schuh Photography

Last year, I have created my very first calendar of the area of Alamogordo, NM. It was a great success and I have received so many requests to create another one for the year 2016. It gives back memories for those that have already moved away. So, I did. I am really, really thankful for all the great feedback from the calendar 2015.

The images that you see here are used for this calendar 2016. Most of the images were taken by me over the year 2015. It is not that easy as you think to create the right photographs because I did not want to use some motifs twice or motifs that I have already used for my calendar 2015. I invested many hours to take the pictures, and to design the calendar. I have high requirements to my images; that made it even harder to find the images I also love.

The price for one calendar 2016 is $20

To purchase this calendar, please contact me directly as I only sell a certain amount of it! So, you need to handle quick! When they are gone, I will not make another order!

If you are interested in my images, just take a look around in my galleries. You can also order your prints directly here! 

CALL or TEXT: (575) 415-5593

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