Impressions of Dustin's and Sarah's big day - A wedding in Alamogordo - Karina Schuh Photography
Dustin & Sarah

A wonderful wedding-day in Alamogordo, where I, as a photographer, was honored to be part of! I have met Sarah and Dustin before their big day to discuss the details. I was a little nervous about the ceremony if I get everything right as the ceremony would be at 6 p.m. in dark conditions. So, I implemented my professional knowledge to create these beautiful memories.

Sarah has woren a beautiful wdding-dress that she bought from Dave's Bridals in El Paso, TX. She got her beautiful flowers from Albertsons in Alamogordo, NM.

It was a quite cold day for an outdoor-wedding but the whole family worked together to create the dinner, cake, music, and decoration and all the guests felt very welcomed by this beautiful place. 

And we were so lucky to get so much snow in Cloudcroft when we were taking the wedding-couple-pictures at The Lodge & Spa - a beautiful location

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