Personnel Branding Portraits

Beautiful resume-, or business images are a MUST for your personal carrier and for your professional looking business website as well as social media platforms. No matter, where you are in your career, I will help you to step up the ladder – with a great headshot.

I will create the impression of you that draws the attention of the viewer! 

Whether it's for your next big marketing campaign or to add your smiling face to your email signature, your image is crucial to your business.


Large - $150 - 60 Minute Session, 6 different looks, includes at least 50 high resolution images

Medium - $100 - 30 Minute Session, 4 different looks, includes at least 30 high resolution images

Small - $50 - 20 Minute Session, 2 different looks, includes at least 5 high resolution images

Executive - $35 - 10 Minute Session, 1 high resolution image

Group Sessions:

$50 per person (4+)

$40 per person (10+)

For groups larger than 20 people, please request a special group rate!

Upgrade to on location for $110 (requires purchase of a Medium Session or Large Session)

Custom Retouching:

1 image $10

5 images $30

10 images $50

Professional business portraits are ideal for everything from business cards, over annual reports, to professional looking resume pictures for your next job application. They are perfect for adding a personal touch to your website, for your marketing, and advertising, your social networking, or your professional emails. 
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